So You Want to Dress Vintage?

Check out this Guest post I did for The Wolf and The Wardrobe!

The Wolf + The Wardrobe


Last week I shared with you 3 of the essential beauty looks to master in order to achieve that perfect pin up-inspired look. This week, I am going to delve into 3 wardrobe staples to really make that winged liner or bold red lip pop! This is especially important if you want to dabble in vintage dress without spending too much on an entirely new wardrobe.

 1. Pencil Skirt 11287232_696832033776806_1618259048_n

Investing in a classic pencil or ‘wiggle’ skirt is an absolute must, especially because of its versatility. You may already have one that you use for interviews or for work at your office job. Pencil skirts should go past your knee, about mid-calf, gently skimming your body. You don’t want it to fit too tightly, especially if you want to be able to walk around comfortably all day. A good pencil skirt should have a slit either at the back or…

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