How To: Bold 50’s-Styled Brows

Hello my darlings,

Here is my step-by-step guide on how I make my eyebrows look super bold for when I’m all done up. Word of warning, I don’t make my eyebrows so fierce unless I’m going to do a full face of make-up, otherwise it looks quite overwhelming.


Step 1:


Step 1: Brush those brows out.

After applying any face make up (primer, foundation and concealer), grab a spoolie brush and wiggle it through each brow, along the natural growth of the hair. I like to use my dual ended Anastasia Beverly Hills brush No. 12.

Step 2:

Next, I grab my Anastasia Beverly Hill’s dip brow pomade in “Ebony” (the second-to-darkest shade in the collection), and dip the angled brush side of my ABH No 12

Use light, short strokes to follow the line, all the way to the end of the tail.

Step 2: Use light, short strokes to follow the line, all the way to the end of the tail.

brush into the pomade, gently scraping any excess product on the side of the container. I then create a thin line under my eyebrow, where I want my shape to begin. My brows are naturally very thin, fine, and fair, so I really like to alter their shape. If you have naturally gorgeous brows, you might be able to skip this step.

Step 3:


Step 3: Outline.

Dip the brush into the product again and lightly do the same to where you would like the top of your brow to hit. When you’re done it should look like you have completely outlined the desired shape of your brow. Be sure to leave the inner edge of your brows, as those aren’t supposed to look very defined.

Step 4: 


Step 4: Begin filling in using short strokes.

Using those same short, gentle strokes, lightly fill shade in your brows, following the natural growth of your brows. Make sure to only use a little bit of product so that you don’t fill it in too darkly. You can always go back in later to make them bolder if you choose. Leave the inner corners of the brow alone.

Step 5:


Step 5: Using only excess product on the brush, use gentle upwards strokes on the inner portion of the eyebrow.

Use the excess product on the brush once you are done completely filling in your brows, and gently and slowly flick the brush up along the inner corner of your brows.


Step 6: Use a flat concealer brush to fix any mess-ups!

Step 6:

If the brows are too bold or you made a little mess up, grab a flat concealer brush (I use my trusty Mac 195 brush) and gently drag the flat end across to maintain a smooth line.


Step 7: Use the spoolie brush to get rid of excess product.

Step 7:

Grab the spoolie brush and gently brush out any excess product.


Step 8: Repeat all above steps on the other brow.

Step 8:

Repeat all of the above steps on the other brow.

Step 9: 

Continue with the rest of your make-up!


I hope you found this helpful,

xx KirstieMyDear

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