Raiding My Mom’s Closet – 3 of My Favourite Pieces

Hello darlings,

I’m sorry for being absent on here the last week. I’ve actually been away from home for the past few weeks, visiting with my Mommy. Spending some time with my mom (and her wardrobe) inspired me to share some of my favourite pieces of her closet with you…

My mom has always been fascinated by the aesthetic of the 1940’s, particularly the clothes, and this is often reflected in how she dresses. Although she has never committed full-on to the vintage-inspired look like I have, she still hasIMG_3902 some lovely classic pieces in her wardrobe. Growing up, I always looked up to her for guidance on being a strong, feminine woman. I loved the way my mom always took the time to dress up and express her creative side through several avenues, especially when it came to clothes. Since we lived in a small town, she would often receive negative comments from other women who didn’t understand why she enjoyed dressing well. It’s always been very common for women in my hometown to dress very gruffly; oversized masculine shirts, and sweatpants at the grocery store were basically expected. I don’t care how other people dress; after all, we as woman should be able to dress as we please! But a lot of women who dressed this way would often make rude comments towards my mom, insulting her for putting any effort into her appearance.

My mom has always had a gorgeous figure; wide, beautiful hips and a nipped-in waist with sculpted arms and legs. She can walk in heels better than I can walk with regular shIMG_4156oes (I tend to trip over my own feet quite regularly). Ever since I can remember I’ve noticed men staring after her, captivated by her beauty and confidence. But my mom is a force to be reckoned with, let me tell you! Beautiful clothes are her super-hero costume for kicking butt; she won’t let anyone push her around and she is guided by her passion to help others. She is definitely the core reason I equate darling dresses with being a strong woman. She probably influenced my love of retro clothing in the first place, and that is why I decided to write a post about some of my favourite pieces from her wardrobe.

1) Tatyana Boutique’s “Vickie” dress:

I actually got this dress as a Christmas gift for my mom 2 years ago. I remember when I first saw it I immediately thought “that’s mom!” I knew that she needed to have it, and set out to get it for her. The cut on this dress is absolutely stunning; the high, straight-across neckline prevents any cleavage from spilling out, making the main focus of this dress on the figure itself. The dress is definitely form-fitting, IMG_3934without being too tight, it gently skims the body. The material is thick and there are 3/4 sleeves, making it a perfect dress from the cooler months. This wiggle dress falls mid-calf and it has a nice slit in the back, so it is comfortable and easy to move around in. Although it might appear as a basic or classic design, the one touch that makes this dress truly unique is the built-in cross-belt. Two pieces of the same fabric of the dress criss-cross through the front, and button at the back, creating the perfect subtle, yet defining feature. The bold red makes this a stand-out, beautiful staple of my mom’s wardrobe. This dress also comes in forest green and black.

2) Tatyana Boutique’s “Catwalk” skirt

My mom bought this skirt on sale a few years back, and I’m so glad she got it! It’s perfect for anytime of the year; all she does it pair it with thick tights and a lovely sweater in the winter, or wears it with a nice short-sleeved top and bare legs for the summer. This skirt is amazing because it is made for wide hIMG_4220ips and a tiny waist, fitting my mom perfectly. It can be made themain focus of an outfit, or used to compliment a statement top. Although it is a wiggle skirt, it is exceptionally easy to move around in, as there are two kick-pleats in the front, adorned with vertical buttons going up the leg. This skirt looks very mermaid-esque since it is so form-fitting from the waist down to the the thigh, gently becoming wider at the knee. It definitely highlights my mom’s hourglass figure quite nicely, making her tiny waist the main focus. This skirt also comes in black.

 3) Steady Clothing’s “Sarina Button Slit Skirt”

Another great item my mom was able to snag on sale, this skirt is incredible! Whenever I come to visit, I’m always grabbing this from her closet. This wiggle IMG_4114skirt is made from a nice stretchy material, which Steady Clothing is always great for. It isn’t too thin, and it is perfect at smoothing out the figure. A gorgeous wiggle skirt with a bit of personality; from behind it looks like a regular (yet spectacular) black skirt, but from the front – wow! There’s a playful white vertical stripe on the left leg, starting from the waist and running to the end of the skirt. Right next to it there are beautiful white fabric buttons. It’s such a lovely mix of stripes and polka dots that it just makes me, and my mom, swoon. This skirt also comes in red or green with black details.

xx KirstieMyDear

5 thoughts on “Raiding My Mom’s Closet – 3 of My Favourite Pieces

  1. The pieces look gorgeous on you. Do you and your mum have the same size?
    My mum always loved this classic fourties (early sixties, too) look as well and since I got in vintage fashion, she wears it even more. 😀
    Thanks for sharing this story. 🙂


    • Thank you so much, doll. Yes, I can mostly fit into all her clothes (she’s in better shape than I am and has broader shoulders). She’s got lovely taste so when I visit it’s fun to have a look around (and she doesn’t mind!) that’s so cool that by you getting more involved in dressing vintage that it’s influenced your mom to do it a little more!

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  2. How lucky you are doll….and good for your sweet mama! Your hometown neighborhood sounds like mine…actually mine is worse. I too, as you know put in effort, luckily I do not get nasty remarks, though I do get cat calls and such from men and odd looks from women…but some actually compliment me in a grand way. Either way, as I am sure your Moms reasons are the same, we do it for ourselves…and that is the important thing.


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