Quick, Everyday Pin Curls

Hi darlings,

Last week I gave you a rundown on how I brush out previously styled hair, as well as my pin curl method for when I am going to formal events, which can be quite time-consuming! This post will focus on my quick and daily pin curl routine for that gorgeous vintage-inspired ‘do without a fraction of the effort.


Step 1:

I don’t generally do pin curls on freshly-washed hair, I reserve that for foam rollers. So I usually start out by using a smoothing cream on my hair, and gently brushing it out. For further direction on how I do this, check out my blog post on brushing out styled hair. Start with brushed out hair, shake your dry shampoo, then spray evenly along the roots.


Step 2:

Wait at least 30 seconds, then gently rub the formula into your roots, and brush your hair so that it’s smooth. The dry shampoo will make it easier for teasing your hair after you take the set pin curls out later on. Apply a heat-protectant spray if you already haven’t.


Step 3:

Use a tail comb to create a side part, then it’s time to begin the curling process! Make sure you have some duck-billed clips and/or bobby pins at the ready.


Step 4:


Grab a large section, at least an inch thick.


Brush through the section of hair, then grab a 1.5-2 inch barrel curling iron, starting at the bottom of the section, horizontally curl counter-clockwise as pictured above.

Step 5:

Hold the curl for a few seconds, then gently release it.


Step 6:

Use your thumb and collect the released curl, then follow it’s shape and roll it up close to the root, as pictured below.


Step 7:

Grab your duck-billed clips or bobby pins, and gently clip the piece like-so.


Step 8:

Either directly below or beside the finished piece, do the exact same thing.



Continue through the rest of the hair.

Step 9:

Once you’re all done curling and pinning it should look like the picture below:


As I wait for my hair to set, I complete my make up and get dressed. I also hang around with it pinned for a bit longer just to ensure it adequately sets. You can take it out once you can’t feel the heat on the curls anymore, but I would at least leave it in for 20 minutes.


Step 10:

Now it’s time to take it out! This is when using the duck-billed clips comes in handy since it’s super fast and easy to take them out. As you take each curl out, use a fine-toothed comb and tease underneath it.



Your hair will look a little crazy at this point.

Step 11:

Use a brush that doesn’t have very long teeth, and gently smooth out the hair at the top. You don’t want to brush out the teasing, just smooth it over so it doesn’t look like a rat’s nest!



You can also gently brush out the curls and use your fingers to guide it to the desired shape, but I usually let it be. Then apply some hairspray all over, and you’re done!


xx KirstieMyDear

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