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Hello, Dolls!

I’ve had a very interesting, exciting and adventure-filled last few months. It’s summer-time over here in Canada, so as the weather has warmed up and school has let out for another year, I’ve been a busy little bee! Usually I use my four months off to work an office job in the legal field, but this summer has been a lot different. At the end of my first year of law school year I became very sick and was in the hospital, my condition leaving me unable to complete my exams. Thankfully my school was very accommodating and I have been slowly getting better, so I will be returning to school is just a few short weeks. I’m so excited about starting up another year (I’m one of those weird types who loves school) even though I know I will be extremely busy.


I got to visit with my family dog, Aura!


Since I haven’t been able to work this summer, I wanted to keep myself very busy! I’m used to having my plate completely full, and I didn’t want to get restless. I’ve taken the opportunity to catch up on my ever-expanding reading list, visit with my friends and family (I live 6 hours away from everyone now), and focus on career planning. So in June I packed up and headed back home, moving between my hometown and where my boyfriend Tom lives in order to get to visit with everyone I hold near and dear. This has been a little bit frustrating when it’s come to outfit-planning, since I haven’t had access to my complete wardrobe, but it’s allowed me to be more creative with the pieces I’ve kept with me. When I get back to school in a few weeks I can’t wait to move into my new apartment and share with you how I organize my closet! I think it will give you a little insight in how to maximize the space you have, while also keeping everything easily accessible.


Tom and me!


A hike with a few friends.


Enjoying the beautiful weather.

Yesterday I posted to my instagram asking if there are any topics you’d like me to cover in my upcoming blog posts. I already have some in the works, and along with your much-appreciated suggestions, I’ve compiled a list of what you will see from me in the next few weeks:

  • Picking one item of clothing, I will show you different ways to style it depending on your intended purpose – whether it’s for the office or going out for drinks, running errands, or preparing it for the cool months ahead. (Thank you, Lane, as always).
  • I’ve written before about how to save money when shopping vintage-reproduction clothing online, but I will go into more detail about finding cute and versatile vintage-inspired finds for very affordable prices.
  • Once I’m reunited with my full wardrobe, I will show you some of the pieces I’ve gotten from ‘modern’ clothing stores that fit into the vintage aesthetic, while also being super inexpensive, and how I style them to make them 1950’s compatible.
  • My friends Ryan and Chantel have recently gifted me with vintage jewellery pieces from Ryan’s grandmother. I will be showing you each piece and explaining how I incorporate them, along with other vintage accessories I own, into my wardrobe.
  • I will dig through my wardrobe and present you with my top 5 favourite dresses of all time, I wonder if you can already guess a few?
  • A full presentation of my closet and how I organize and store my clothes and accessories.
  • I also will be starting clothing reviews. The first one will be on my favourite and most versatile top.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for my updated routine for making my bettie bangs look like bumper bangs!

If there’s anything else you’d like to see, let me know in the comments below.

xx KirstieMyDear

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