Review: Jubly-Umph Accessories

I was tickled pink when I was contacted by Tasha, the artist and designer behind the Australian company, Jubly-Umph to write a review on their unique and darling accessories. Jubly-Umph’s line of jewellery features diverse themes – several of their pieces reflect a gothic glamour, while others are more cutesy and kitsch. This really appeals to me since I can choose different pieces depending on my mood, and I’m not restricted by one sub-genre, which is essential to dressing pinup!


Jubly-Umph’s designs are indie and unique – and they carry the vast majority of them in all ranges of their jewellery, from cardigan clips to earrings, and from necklaces to purses. I like this because it gives you the option to wear a piece that best suits your personal preference. If you, like me, are more of brooch-wearer, you can get the design you wish in that specific style. But it also gives you the option to wear matching pieces, with several of their designs available in pre-arranged earring and necklace sets.

I absolutely adore my cardigan clips from Jubly-Umph. If you are familiar with pinup style, you will know just how difficult it is to find cardigan clips that are manufactured in this decade. This is what initially caught my interest with this company, since it is so rare to find such durable and original cardigan clip designs. The clips are actual clasps and not pins, so it really does clip on, and it’s easier to remove, without worrying about leaving holes behind. I also like the option of pairing my cardigan clips with different collars, like the ones on my peter-pan dresses. This diversifies their uses, allowing me to transition these darling designs into warmer weather, when cardigans aren’t so necessary.


As for the quality of the pieces, I was impressed when my package arrived. They are coated in a thick layer of protectant, so I know they will last for years to come. The colours are bright and vibrant, and the metal within which they are structured on is firm, so you don’t have to worry about it bending or breaking.

Jubly-Umph’s customer service is amazing. Every communication I had with both Tasha and Paul was prompt and helpful. They ensured my package arrived and packed it with care. It was such a treat to work with such a personable and friendly team.


From cutesy kitty cats, to tattoo-themed skulls, Jubly-Umph has a set that will appeal to every person. There is no pigeon-holing with this designer – the sheer range of options allows you to express all aspects of your personality, not limiting you to just one. This is probably what I love most about Jubly-Umph, since it is truly reflective of the underlying mind-set behind dressing pinup – you can express yourself however you want. This is fully encapsulated in one of their designs’ quotes: ‘Be weird, stay weird.” Jubly-Umph triumphs as a one-of-a-kind company that gives women the ability to colour outside the lines, helping them express their personality in a stylish and edgy way.



*Disclaimer: Although these items were gifted to me, I would NEVER share anything but my honest opinion on anything featured on my blog and other social media sites. This review reflects my personally-held beliefs and impressions.*


2 thoughts on “Review: Jubly-Umph Accessories

  1. Great review. Their offerings are so splendidly cool! I recently made my first ever purchase from Jubly Umph. I adore everything that I received, too. Unfortunately one item I bought turned out to be sold out and they opted to swap in another for it and inform me after my order was sent. It’s rather close to another that I bought (from them in that order), so I probably wouldn’t have ordered it at the same time, too, but it’s okay and I certainly won’t hesitate to buy from them again (especially if they ever restock the item I didn’t receive, which, interestingly, was the piece I most wanted from them at the time).

    Have a fantastic weekend!
    ♥ Jessica


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