Polka Dot Party! – Vivien of Holloway’s Halter Neck Pencil Dress

Good morning lovelies,

I was recently contacted by Marie from Vivien of Holloway, a 1940’s and 50’s reproduction brand located in the UK. When Marie offered me to select a style from VOH’s vast array of polka dot styles, as recently featured in the newest series of Doctor Who, I couldn’t contain my excitement. If you’ve been following this blog for a while you will know I am absolutely obsessed with polka dots!

I’m very familiar with VOH having ordered from them over the summer. I already liked the fit and quality of their petticoats and halter tops, but had yet to try out a dress. It’s still winter here in Canada, but nonetheless I was drawn to the Halter Neck Pencil Dress, which retails for £89. I could tell this would be the perfect Spring dress once the weather decided to warm up. In the meantime, however, a cardigan and tights would do!

What is interesting about the sizing at VOH is that beside each style there is a drop down menu where you can select your size depending on your bust, waist, and hip measurements instead of by traditional UK sizing. I found this particularly helpful in ensuring the fit was the best it could be, as well as eliminating my fear of being confused by another country’s sizing system. However, when I told Marie my measurements (Bust 34, Waist 26, and Hips 38) she advised me to size down to a B32, W24 and H36 based on the fit for this dress, and I’m glad she did because she was absolutely right. The dress that came in my usual size was far too big and bulky, but the one in the smaller size fit perfectly.

The Halter Neck Pencil Dress is made out of cotton with a satin-like finish to it which really enriches the vibrant purple colour of the dress. Available in an array of other colours like red, navy blue and turquoise, there are endless colour possibilities.The colour is so deep and beautiful that I’m interested to see how the other colours look compared to this purple gem. It is important to note that the material has a bit of a stretch to it, though it is very slight. This dress has the same exceptional quality as my other VOH pieces, with lots of detail and care put into every aspect of it.

The dress also features plastic boning in the bodice which helps create that classic 50’s pinup shape, while also adding additional support for your bust if you decide to opt out of wearing a bra. I was pleasantly surprised that the boning did not dig into me at all, even as I sat, stood, and moved around in the dress. I anticipated potentially having to have the halter-neck taken in because of my small stature, but luckily there was no extra fabric, nor was it too tight. My absolute favourite feature of this dress is the sweet-heart neckline – it is not too cleavage-baring, yet it still shows just enough to really showcase that true retro flare.

I am a short pinup at barely over 5 feet tall so I wasn’t surprised that this dress was a bit little longer on me. But since I’m a fan of longer lengths, I actually love where it sits. One potential worry I had was about the fit around my hips because of my wide waist-to-hip ratio, but the dress fit nice and snug, with just enough room to wiggle around in – perfect for a wiggle dress! There is also a slight slit in the back of the dress which makes it much more easier to move about.

All in all I am completely mesmerised by this darling purple polka dot piece of art. I know I will continuously reach for this as the weather slowly starts to heat up. I can’t wait to continue adding to my VOH collection and it is safe to say that this just might be my new favourite dress.

Special thanks to my lovely friend Doha (@onlymuse) for taking these photos for me!

xx KirstieMyDear


*Disclaimer: Although this dress was gifted to me, all opinions on this blog and my other social media outlets reflect my honest and personal beliefs.*



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