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Hi Dolls,

I’m excited to share with you the first submission for the “Ask KirstieMyDear” section of my blog. Since I wasn’t sure if the lovely lady who inquired would like me to display her full name, I decided to just post her initials.

I hope you enjoy and look forward to any other questions you might have for me!

“Absolutely love your look & the way you write! You seem like a wonderful person. I was just wondering if you would mind sharing how you achieve a flawless skin look with some of the products you use as I always struggle to find a foundation that matches my pale skin but covers the redness I get in some areas. Much love & look forward to your up coming posts 🙂 xxx”

-Submitted by D. A.

Hi D. A.,

Thank you so much for writing in – I’m glad to share the little tidbits I’ve learned over the last few years, especially through interacting with other darling pinups and makeup lovers on Instagram.

It sounds to me like you struggle with the same issue I have – pink/reddish undertones to your fair skin, and most foundations on the market are for those with more yellowish undertones. I only started wearing foundation about 3 years ago for this very reason!


Wearing KVD’s Lock-It Foundation in shade “Light 42” on its own (no moisturizer mixed in). Photo unedited, and taken outside in natural lighting.

After several trips to Sephora with the cast members using their “Colour IQ” technology to help find me my perfect match, as well as trying out several brands and shades (allergic reactions galore!), I finally feel like I’ve found the most versatile foundation for girls with skin shades close to mine! That would be the Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation in their lightest shade, “Light 42.” For someone who felt compelled to shell out $60 for Nars foundation (the “Sheer Glow” formula in Siberia used to be my preferred colour, though I’ve since out-paled the line), the $42 (Canadian, $35 US) price bracket for KVD’s gem is not too shabby. Kat Von D’s entire brand is also 100% Cruelty-Free, if that’s something you’re passionate about.


What I really like about this specific foundation is the fact that once you apply it, it stays ALL DAY. It definitely is very pigmented, meaning a little goes a long way. But since this particular shade is for more neutral skin tones, rather than targeted at strictly those with either reddish or yellowish undertones, I find that it isn’t too red for me. In fact, it covers up the redness I get on my nose really well, while also matching the rest of my face. My advice for application is to ensure your skin is very moisturized (and definitely freshly so) before you apply it. If you like to wear primers, that works too. A beauty blender or other kind of sponge seems to be the general consensus for application among the beauty community, though I personally prefer to use a foundation brush. Make sure you set it with powder or it will transfer. Recently I’ve been adding equal parts of my moisturizer to the foundation in order to make the formula lightweight and more workable for summer, to much success! 


I love the HD finish this foundation gives me in natural lighting. (Photo is unedited).

In Canada, the US and Australia you can purchase the Lock-it Foundation either in-store at Sephora or online through . It is also available directly through Kat Von D’s Beauty’s website (although it’s currently sold out in that specific shade, and I believe is only available for US residents). 

It’s also important to note that I have exceptionally sensitive skin that loves to react to different skin care and makeup products, and this is the only one that is light enough for me that I haven’t had a painful or itchy reaction to. As much as I loved the light formula of Marc Jacob’s “Genius Gel” in shade ’10 Ivory Light,’ unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend it for others with sensitive skin. 

For those who prefer drugstore brands, L’Oreal True Match’s “Soft Ivory N1” might work really well for you. In fact, Dita Von Teese herself suggests this shade one p. 148 of her new beauty book “Your Beauty Mark.”


Wearing KVD’s Lock-It Foundation with equal parts moisturizer. (Taken in natural lighting with no edits).

I hope this helps you on your quest for the perfect flawless foundation for fare skin. If you need anything else, please let me know.

xx KirstieMyDear



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