Summer Days with Karina Dresses & Lola Von Rose

Hi Dolls!

If you’ve been following my social media accounts then you are aware that we’ve been experiencing a heatwave here in Canada for quite some time. This has made it a bit difficult to plan out outfits, but at the same time it’s prompted me to delve deep into my wardrobe and be more creative with my pairings.


But what better for these steamy days than a light, airy dress?

That’s just what the Margaret dress by Karina Dresses delivers. Featuring beautiful 1940’s-inspired capped princess sleeves, a wrapped dress-like bodice, and the silky wrinkle-resistant fabric, this dress delivers everything a vintage-loving girl could want. When I first put this gorgeous frock on, what I couldn’t get over was how soft and smooth the fabric felt against my skin. I was so smitten that I actually kept in on as I continued my morning routine before changing into my outfit for that day.

For your reference, my measurements are 34-25-38 and I went with an XS after reviewing the size chart. I was actually nervous that it wouldn’t fit as I have difficulty finding dresses that fit my bust and hip measurements, while also nipping in at my natural waist. Thankfully the Margaret dress contains two ties so I could pull it to my desired fit, while also donning a lovely bow at the back. My only issue related to sizing is that at just over 5 feet, I find that the dress looks a little bit long on me. That’s nothing new for short women like me, and hardly a dissuasive factor. But this also means that medium-to-tall ladies will feel right at home in this adorable get-up.

When I selected the black with teal polka dots colour-way I did so for easy season transition. What is more perfect than a dress you can wear all months of the year? I can’t wait to style the Margaret dress with black tights and a beret – it will look so chic for fall/winter!

All in all I am completely enamoured with the Margaret dress by Karina Dresses. I can already tell that it is a dress I will be grabbing for all year long. The material is great quality – soft and sturdy with stretch so I know it will last for many years to come.

When I was thinking of what I could pair with this fine frock, I thought that the bright red of this Lola Von Rose purse would look darling next to the teal and black pattern. Lola Von Rose is a vintage inspired handbag company new on the scene, though I can already tell it will be a big hit among retro-loving community. Based in the US, Lola Von Rose also ships internationally so no pinup will have to miss out on these beauties because of their location.

So far the collection features pill-box purses in both black and red, though white, pink and mint appear in the “coming soon” portion of their website.  I was impressed by the vibrancy of the red version I chose (I can’t help it, I always gravitate towards red!) and am excited to incorporate it into my wardrobe.

The care-instructions that come with the purse indicate that the purse needs to be stored in a cool place to ensure it lasts for a long time, as it’s made out of a resin-like plastic true to the decades that it’s inspired by. The metal clasp at the front that secures the purse is easy to use, though I recommend placing the purse on a secure surface when opening and closing it so you don’t spill its contents. These purses retail for the very reasonable price of $64 USD, however, they are currently on sale for $54.40!


*Disclaimer* – Although these items were gifted to me, all opinions on this blog and my other social media outlets reflect my honest and personal beliefs. This post contains affiliate links and banners for Karina Dresses – if you make a purchase through them I will receive a portion of the sale. 



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