Kirstie in Wonderland – Vendula London’s Alice Charm Maisy Bag

Hi Dolls,

This is my first blog post of 2017, which is pretty exciting. I hope you all had safe and happy end of the year celebrations and enjoyed the holiday season.

Today I’m going to review the Alice Charm Maisy Bag by Vendula London, which comes in either black or burgundy and retails for $146.50 CAD. Vendula London has been a UK accessories brand since 2003, specializing in unique and cutesy purses, wallets, bags, and cases. Each design is inspired by everyday or commonplace beauty, such as storefronts and animals, with a clear nod to vintage aesthetics.



Alice Charm” and “London Charm” are two recently launched ranges that feature adorable removable charms that you can alternate between each bag. The Alice Charm Maisy Bag is just one example of the several designs available under these collections. I chose this particular design because I liked how I could incorporate it into my daily routine, since it is quite spacious and structured. But I was also drawn to the burgundy colour and the intricate detailing on the inside – all four card suits – a design that is heavily inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The removable charms themselves feature several Alice-inspired characters, most notably Alice herself. What I really like about this is that each charm is individually linked so I have the ability to customize my purse depending on my mood by either adding or removing charms. Vendula is going to expand this feature for future seasons and collections, making it easy and fun to switch charms around different bags for a truly authentic accessorizing experience. Vendula has also launched box sets of themed charms to give their fans the opportunity to accessorize the same bag differently – these include comic book-inspired charms, and cute cat charms!


The Alice Charm Maisy Bag arrived in a secure package – I was pleasantly surprised by the care put in to ensuring that the bag would retain its shape and condition through shipping. Each part of the bag was packaged in plastic, within a larger protective (and reusable) fabric bag. This has made it so easy to store when I am not using it so I don’t have to worry about it getting scratched. It also came with a removable larger strap so that I can wear my purse as a cross-body bag or just sling it over my arm.


I am sure many of you will be happy to note that Vendula is cruelty-free, only using high-quality faux leather. I was very impressed by the lack of funky smell that sometimes comes along with faux leather, and the softness of the material – it really feels like genuine leather. I distinctly remember gasping when I first took it out of the packaging.


Overall, I am pretty over the moon with my Alice Charm Maisy Bag. The quality is astounding and I know it will last for many years to come. I look forward to playing around with the charms more and seeing all the different options depending on my outfit!

Have a lovely start to 2017 dolls,


xx KirstieMyDear

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