“Caring is Beautiful” – Preserving the Environment and Empowering Women with Insect Diva

Hi Dolls,

I am so thrilled to introduce Insect Diva to those of you who aren’t already aware of Dr. Diana’s darling pieces and inspiring message. Dr. Diana has a PhD in Entomology, which is the scientific study of insects, and is also passionate about protecting the environment and defying traditional beliefs that women and girls can’t “like bugs”. If you’ve been following me for a while now, you probably won’t be surprised that I’ve connected with Dr. Diana over this, as well as her commitment to spreading positivity and empowering women. Dr. Diana was actually one of the first accounts I followed when I first began my foray into Instagram and other forms of social media, since I was so intrigued by her interest in these issues (and her retro-inspired style)!


You can find Insect Diva at www.insectdiva.com, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. You can also purchase pieces through Insect Diva’s Etsy shop and at PinupGirlClothing.com. Each piece is made in the United States by Dr. Diana herself, and part of her profits from each sale go towards her environmental outreach. And this is all something we can get behind, as she shares: “I think of my customers as stakeholders in our shared environmental cause.”

Dr. Diana began Insect Diva as a true convergence of her passion for art and caring for the earth, she puts it best in Insect Diva’s mission statement:

“I wanted to heal the earth, and that’s my goal for Insect Diva, because even small actions like wearing a pair of nature inspired earrings can spread awareness and have a big impact.”

A quick glance of her website, www.insectdiva.com, or her Instagram page, @InsectDiva, reveals her keen ability to see the allure in the “every day.” While the rest of us are hurriedly lacing up our shoes and running out the door to get to work or school, Dr. Diana is noticing that the tree she just passed on her morning commute probably has a phasmatodea, more commonly known as the “stick or leaf insect, which are so adept at camouflage that they seem to disappear like phantoms into the sticks and leaves around them.” Since unlike Dr. Diana, I’m not an Entomologist, I’m sure she would correct me on this example, but you get the point.


But it is the dedication to not only being aware of the natural world around us, but also seeing the beauty it contains and caring about it that really captures the essence of what Dr. Diana is hoping to accomplish with her jewelry line; as Insect Diva’s homepage states: “Accessories that don’t just sparkle, but spark change! Every piece empowers with knowledge of our environment and the value of conservation!”

And I think of this each time I grab for my Queen Anne Lace Button earrings, which are made from real flowers – the Queen Anne’s Lace flower to be exact – and which also “serve as a veritable buffet to insects such as bees, wasps, butterflies and more.” But without Dr. Diana’s information-filled inserts, which come in the carefully boxed packaging along with the darling pieces themselves, I would not have known that this flower is an example of the profound effect of the coevolution of insects and flowering plants, in that pollinator insects rely on this plant for nutrients, which they then in turn use to pollinate the plants to keep them growing. It’s fine to admire a striking piece of jewelry for how it looks on the outside, but it’s so much more fulfilling to know the story behind that piece, and to know that by wearing it you are helping to raise awareness to such a critical issue. Thankfully, Insect Diva’s pieces allow me to do both.


Each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted, showing an extraordinary amount of detail, much of which is strikingly unique, like the real flowers in my Queen Anne Lace Button earrings. Most of Insect Diva’s range is between $20-50 USD, and features anything from earrings and necklaces to brooches, rings and even sunglasses. One of my favourite things about the range is that they are surprisingly lightweight so I don’t have to fret about my Ice Princess Silver Crystal Branch earrings pulling my ears down. The pieces are also of great quality – although I do suggest handling them with care as you would with any other piece of jewelry.


As women and girls in the 21st century we are often told we can have it all, but once we start to make moves in a direction not in line with our assigned gender roles, all bets are off. But why can’t we have it all? Why can’t we have BOTH an appreciation for beauty and a passion for a cause that directly affects us all? Why can’t we be both feminine, adorning ourselves with delicate pieces of jewelry, and also have an active interest in insects or other themes deemed off-limits for girls. Dr. Diana put it best when she said to me: “I want girls to know that the things they want are not off limits because people have made up arbitrary ideas that some things are off limits for girls.” Which is why I will be using her hashtags #bugsR4girls2 and #caringisbeautiful whenever I reach for my Insect Diva pieces and take photos of them for my #outfitoftheday posts. This is why when strangers and acquaintances compliment me on my Ice Princess Silver Crystal Branch earrings and Necklace set , or my Ravenous Aphid Champagne Celebration brooch and earrings set, I will be sure to tell them the story behind each piece so they will know that beauty and intelligence aren’t mutually exclusive, and that maybe as women and girls we CAN have it all after all.


xx KirstieMyDear


PS: Dr. Diana has so graciously offered my readers a 20% off coupon code for the entire month of February. Just type KIRSTIE20 at checkout to receive the discount.




*Disclaimer* – Although these Insect Diva pieces were gifted to me, all opinions on this blog and my other social media outlets reflect my honest and personal beliefs. 

2 thoughts on ““Caring is Beautiful” – Preserving the Environment and Empowering Women with Insect Diva

  1. All of her pieces are such conversation starters. I love that she is creating art in order to spread awareness of the importance of insects’ impact on the environment.

    Those Queen Anne Lace button earrings are beautiful and knowing each sale goes towards environmental outreach makes me want them even more!

    xo, Helene


    • I agree! And I love how different they are…they’re just so unique and made with such care. I love love love the environmental awareness and defying gender stereotypes underpinnings behind the whole concept. I just can’t gush enough.

      Liked by 1 person

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