Splashing Around in the Red Dolly Swimwear’s Bella One Piece Swimsuit

Hi Dolls,

I hope those of you in the Northern hemisphere have been enjoying your Spring weather so far – I know I am!

With summer so closely in sights, I thought it would be the best time to post my review of the Red Dolly “Bella red and white polka dot one piece”. Tom (my partner, and the man behind the camera for these shots) and I actually took these photos at the very end of last summer, but I wanted to wait until the weather considerably warmed up to share this with you all.



Red Dolly Swimwear is designed by the incredibly talented and keen-eyed California-based designer, Heather Stepanik. Since 2008 Heather has been working on retro-inspired swimwear for women, and has since expanded her line to include swimwear for girls and babies. Red Dolly carries from s – xl in women’s sizes, and 2/3 – 12 in children’s sizes. Her range includes one pieces and two pieces with patterns from polka dots to zebra print and cactus print to florals. Red Dolly also offers swim-related accessories such as matching headbands and swim skirts, and even padding for any of their swimsuits. From perusing their site recently, I also happened upon some lovely summer dress styles they are now featuring which are reminiscent of poolside soirees or garden parties.


Since I am a small-framed individual and my measurements fit within the size chart (34B-25W-38H), I opted for the size small in the Bella. I am inclined to think that I would be the same size in any of Red Dolly’s two pieces as well since the size chart appears to apply across the board regardless of swim style.




The Bella swimsuit is actually the first one piece swim suit I have worn since I was a child, but I was drawn to it because there’s something unmistakably classic about this halter-necked, boy short ensemble – and I am sure you are aware of my fondness for all that is red and polka dotted!

Since I had a few high-waisted bikinis already,  I was really taken with how demure the Bella is  –  especially with a full bottom instead of a bikini cut. It reminded me very much of a true 1950’s swimsuit, which was exactly the look I was hoping to achieve. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all about embracing my shape – but I also like how authentically vintage the Bella looks. This is certainly something Heather emulated on purpose, and I appreciate her for it.







I hope that Red Dolly considers expanding their sizing range in the future to include both smaller and larger sizes for women, as I know that there are women of all shapes and sizes are passionate about retro-inspired clothes and swimwear.

All in all I am incredibly pleased with my Red Dolly Bella swimsuit and cannot wait to don it over the next few months as the weather continues to warm.


Just don’t forget the SPF dolls!



xx KirstieMyDear


PS: Thank you Tom and Barb for all your help during this little mini photoshoot!


*Disclaimer* – Although the Red Dolly Bella swimsuit was gifted to me, all opinions on this blog and my other social media outlets reflect my honest and personal beliefs.

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