“That’s Champion!” Joanie Clothing Review

Since 2015, Joanie Clothing has been bringing darling retro-inspired designs that can be worn on their own or in conjunction with modern styles. This UK born brand is inspired by the designer’s Great-Aunt Joanie, a woman who exudes femininity, glamour, and a fun-loving attitude, which is reflected in each of Joanie Clothing’s pieces.

As an advocate of body positivity, I was happy to hear that Joanie Clothing boasts inclusive sizing – ranging from UK sizes 8-22 (in Canadian/US sizing that roughly translates to XS-4X).



Since I have never reviewed a style by Joanie Clothing before, I wanted to give you a little background on this delightful brand! I asked the designer, Gabrielle, a few questions which I’ve shared below:

  1. What I would like to know, is since Joanie Clothing’s creation in 2015, what have your customers cited as their main draw to this brand? Is it the colourful and fun array of designs, the confident and carefree attitude they experienced when they don their favourite pieces? 

Our Joanie Gal’s inspire us every day. The best thing since we started Joanie, is seeing real women, in their real lives, wearing our designs. The way they style them and share their experiences with us helps us to understand what is it our customers love about the brand, and what we should or sometimes shouldn’t be doing in the future.  We set out to create a line of wearable clothing with a vintage twist, outfits that you can wear to work but still showed a bit of more of your personality, hence our strapline ‘pretty clothes for nostalgic souls.’


2. In addition to the designer’s Great Aunt and love for retro-inspired style, what inspires the designer?

Oohhh, it really could be anything! Re- watching old movies, second hand book covers, my mum’s garden, reading the Sunday newspapers, cute girls in the street, bloggers or Instagram. We are super lucky to have an archive of beautiful vintage clothes from the most exciting cities in the world, those are the things we will never get bored of looking at and eventually reworking them into beautiful styles, so they can be available again in all sizes, in modern fits and fabrics with stretch…oohhh and dresses with pockets. 



3. Is Joanie Clothing strictly available for purchase through your website?

Yes, we also work with selected wholesale partners, Silkfred, Amazon and have our clearance bargains available on eBay.


4. If you would like me to stress anything in particular about your brand, what would it be? What kind of message (in addition to confidence and body positivity) does Joanie Clothing to get across to your customers?

We love to see you wearing our products, we love feedback! please take a look at the gallery/review page on each product, we’d love to be able to fill these with wonderful pictures of our Joanie Gals.



Now on to the styles themselves! I was immediately drawn to the intricate details reflected in the Keira Broderie Anglaise Scallop Blouse – from the puffed sleeves, to the floral woven fabric, to the scalloped collar. I knew that I would have infinite ways to style this piece – buttoned up and tucked in for a demure and feminine classic vintage look, or tied up and paired with high-waisted cigarette pants for a more pinup-inspired look.

I was delighted to discover that despite bearing sleeves that are fitted on the upper arms, that it was not too tight – I am able to freely move my arms about with ease. Additionally, the blouse is long enough to be tucked in, without bunching or coming out when I lift my arms.  The Keira Blouse retails for £28 (which translates to $45.34 CAD and $36.20 USD), making it one of the most affordable retro-inspired brands out there, while retaining great quality and attention to detail.



The Petal Floral Embroidery Collar Cardigan is probably one of my favourite cardigans of all time  – and that’s saying alot coming from me! Not only is it cosy and structured, with an adorable floral and honey bee embroidery, but the light banana yellow colour and flat collar makes me feel like this last bit of summer is still so sweet.

The Petal Cardigan generally retails for £38.00, but right now it’s on sale for £30.40 (again, this translates to $49.27 CAD and $39.29 USD). However, sizing is a little more limited for this particular style, ranging from S – XL.




What I love about these particular pieces is how easily they can be paired with other Joanie Clothing designs, like the Martina Floral Mini Dress.

In terms of sizing, I am wearing a UK size 8 in the Keira Blouse and a size small in the Petal Cardigan. I would caution you to order based on your regular sizing, as I got a few styles in a larger size and they were too big.

All in all I am pleased as a peach with Joanie Clothing’s Keira Blouse and Petal Cardigan – I love pairing the two together or on their own with different pieces, for full wardrobe versatility. Thank you so much to my lovely beau, Tom for taking these stunning pictures, and to Gabrielle for reaching out to me and being so kind as to answer my questions!


xx KirstieMyDear



*Disclaimer: Although these Joanie Clothing pieces were gifted to me, all opinions reflected on here and all of my social media outlets are strictly my own.*




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