Modcloth Fall Essentials Collection

*Disclaimer – Sponsored Post* Although this post is sponsored and the items were gifted to me by Modcloth, all views contained herein are strictly my own.

Hi dolls!

If you’ve been following my blog since its humble beginnings, you’ll know that the first retro-inspired company I fell in love with was Modcloth, and it still has such a special place in my heart. If you aren’t familiar with my story, here is a quick recap:IMG_2169About 5 years ago I made my first purchase from Modcloth – I still clearly remember what I ordered – the Record Time dress and the Looking to Tomorrow dress (clearly I had a huge thing for peter pan collars that has not since wavered). I had been perusing the site a few years prior, yearning for the day I would be confident enough to don the styles I adored. And finally, slowly but surely I took the leap. About a year later misfortune struck – my house burned down, and along with it my entire wardrobe that I had been building since I was in high school. When it came time to replace my clothes I turned to Modcloth – with the help of the modstylists and the live chat feature I have come to trust over the years, I was able to both rebuild my closet and make it more reflective of this “new” me. So you can imagine my absolute delight when Modcloth reached out to me to review some of their fall designs. Please note that this is the first of a three-part series for the month of September. Today I will be taking you through four of my favourite pieces from Modcloth’s “Fall Essentials” Collection (you can access the full collection by following the hyperlink) so please stay tuned over the following days for more Mod-tastic styles.IMG_2049IMG_2065Modcloth is known for carrying a variety of brands from all over the world, as well as their own designs created in-house (remember this dress by former Modcloth label, Bea and Dot? I still wear it for my 60s-inspired looks)! Recently, Modcloth has been busy designing lots of new styles for their name label, and they do not disappoint!

For your reference, I’m wearing a size XS in each of these designs, and all of them, with the exception of the Homecoming ‘Round the Mountain Sweater, range from XXS to 4X (that style spans from XS to 4X). My measurements in inches are B-35, W-25, and H-38.




1.  HOMECOMING ‘ROUND THE MOUNTAIN SWEATER IN CURRY IMG_1993The Homecoming ‘Round the Mountain Sweater is designed by Dreamers and is made of a soft knit material, retailing for $54.99 USD. It is available in 5 colourways, which include: curry (pictured here), moss green, mauve, cream and pale blue. It is meant to have a baggy fit, but I’m still glad that I went with my regular size as it still retains the oversized effect without being too overwhelming on my small frame (I’m only 5 feet)!IMG_2046IMG_2016The Homecoming ‘Round the Mountain Sweater features two side slits, maintaining a stylish flair without compromising the ability to cover this girl’s modest areas, making it an ideal pairing for both tights or leggings (and not limiting me to just boring old jeans)! It also boasts a cozy cowl neck collar, which is quite possibly my favourite feature.IMG_2030IMG_2047The Homecoming ‘Round the Mountain Sweater will definitely become a fall and winter staple for me with its 55% cotton and 45% acyclic material, I know it will keep me warm on long, dark evenings studying, cuddled up to my cat and clutching a hot chocolate. My one caution is that due to the nature of the material – it being a knit after all, this is definitely not a garment to throw in with your regular wash or tumbled dry. As the instructions on Modcloth’s website state, this sweater should be handwashed.


2.  SLOUCHY COWL NECK SWEATERIMG_2073Clearly I am drawn to oversized sweaters this season! The Slouchy Cowl Neck Sweater is also designed by Fervour and retails for $54.99 USD. Its knit is a bit firmer than the Homecoming sweater (it’s made of 52% acrylic, 35% cotton, 8% polyester, and 5% nylon), but it still is just as cozy and slouchy as ever. IMG_2083IMG_2087The Slouchy Cowl Neck Sweater comes in just one colourway – this deep salmon and cream spun knit. It features a cowl neck and eye-catching detailing at the centre of the garment, making it a very stylish piece. However, it is not as long as the Homecoming sweater, so I know I’ll mostly be pairing it with leggings and jeans. IMG_2077The Slouchy Cowl Neck Sweater is a bit sheer in certain parts of the pattern where the loops are larger, so I would recommend wearing a tank top underneath just to safe. Modcloth also recommends that this item be handwashed to ensure longevity.




3.  JAM, GIRL SHIRTDRESS IN STRAWBERRY IMG_2170The Jam, Girl Shirtdress comes in two plaid colourways: strawberry (which is pictured here and features classic red and black checks) and buffalo plaid (navy, red and white). Also designed by Modcloth’s namesake label and retailing for $79.99 USD, this dress is made out of a high quality, thick flannel (it is made of 100% cotton). I was pleasantly surprised by how warm and strong the material is, knowing this will definitely last for years to come.IMG_2135IMG_2128The Jam, Girl Shirtdress is fitted at the torso (and note that the fabric does not provide stretch, so it is important to order true to size). It features buttons at the front to allow for stepping into the garment without fear of getting stuck. It is definitely a longer dress, at least on my 5 foot frame, but I like that because it makes it slightly more reminiscent of a 50’s tea dress – thus making it the perfect meeting of retro and modern styles. IMG_2147When we shot these photos it was actually a remarkably cool day with lots of wind, and this little treasure kept me nice and toasty. And did I mention – POCKETS! Yes, pockets! I think this might be my favourite piece from the Fall Essential collection. I feel like a glamorous, yet practical autumn-ready fashionista in this dress!






4.  CUPCAKE CONSULTANT VELVET JUMPER IN EMERALDIMG_2180The Cupcake Consultant Velvet Jumper comes in one velvety colourway: emerald. Also created by Modcloth’s namesake label, this little wonder retails for $79.99. The Cupcake Consultant Velvet Jumper is made of 98% cotton, 2% spandex (self); and 65% polyester, 35% cotton (contrast) making it a garment with stretch.IMG_2189The jumper boasts pockets and adjustable straps, which make it easier to fit to my form (who else hates when one strap tends to fall off your shoulder?). I like how it falls just above my knee, making it an ideal pairing for patterned tights. IMG_2209What strikes me the most about the Cupcake Velvet Jumper is definitely the vibrancy of the fabric – it really is a true, deep emerald, making it perfect for both fall and winter styles. I generally get a bit nervous about jumpers that go over the bust line, because I can find them a bit stifling, but because of the stretch in this material, I haven’t had that issue. Lastly, Modcloth recommends that this garment be handwashed to keep it in tip top shape.IMG_2198Extras from each look:

I hope you enjoyed my review of Modcloth’s Fall Essentials collection – is there something you will be grabbing this season? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to stay tuned for Part 2!

xx KirstieMyDear

2 thoughts on “Modcloth Fall Essentials Collection

  1. Hi Kristie, I am new to your blog but I will have to check out modcloth myself! The record time dress is so pretty. The round the mountain sweater looks so good on you , I love the bold curry color. The cowl neck really makes it stand out. The slouchy sweater looks good too in salmon, I can see why you recommend a tank top underneath!! My favorite is the jam girl shirtdress. You do look so glamorous pairing it with the Handbag and fun tights. The emerald jumper in velvet must feel so good on with the stylish top and again fun tights! Thanks for sharing, hugs, Terri xo.


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