Erstwilder’s Wilder West Collection

Hi loves,

Although temperatures continue to drop here in Canada, I am glad to have a taste of summer with Erstwilder’s new Wilder West Collection. If you’re unfamiliar with Erstwilder, they’re a jewellery company based in Melbourne Australia that design and hand-make original brooches, earrings and necklaces out of resin. All of their designs are limited edition – so once it’s gone, it’s gone!



Designed by the talented Donna Mizzi (@donnalovesoutfits), this rootin’ tootin’ range boasts several new designs including desert creatures, horse shoes, and banjos.  After surveying the horizon, I found my four favourite designs. So saddle up darlin’, because here we go!

   1. Jake the Snake Brooch 


I was immediately mesmerized by Jake’s sassy red lips, fanning eyelashes and regal pose. I love how gender-bending this sizzlin’ snake is – well done Erstwilder! Just don’t get him mad – he’ll have you rattlin’ in your boots!



  2. Cuddly Cactus Brooch


Unfortunately this barbed beauty is currently out-of-stock on Erstwilder’s website. However, there are stockists worldwide who may carry this piece. If you’re really thirsty for it (see what I did there), just shoot off (couldn’t help myself) an email to one of the locations here.



   3. Scavenger Type Brooch 


I was taken away by this wide-eyed wonder – there’s just something endearing about this vulture’s curved beak and wacky style. If you like this guy as much as I do, be sure to scoop him up before he flies away!



4. Prickly Pair Earrings


Who knew a desert flower could looks so pretty (and prickly)? These piercing plants really do keep my ears sharp!



So what do you have your eye on?




xx KirstieMyDear

Ps: Thank you to my lovely friend Rachel for snapping these photos!

Disclaimer: These items were gifted to me by Erstwilder. However, all views expressed on this blog, as well as my other social media outlets, are strictly my own. 



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