Tropical Oasis in Hearts and Found’s Greta Playsuit

Hi dolls!

Hearts and Found is my all-time favourite store for vintage reproduction clothing. I own several of their pieces now and have not yet been let down.


If you’re unfamiliar with this vintage-inspired brand, Hearts and Found has operated exclusively through Etsy since 2015. Marjorie, the brilliant mind behind this darling label, is committed to supporting her local textile and tailor shops in Vietnam through offering long-term partnerships and fair wages.



One of the reasons I love Hearts and Found so much is because they recognize that women have varying body types – which is why they offer custom sizing to your measurements at no extra cost. As someone with unusual measurements, I often find myself between sizes. This is frustrating because then I have to get my clothes tailored to ensure a perfect fit. But with my Hearts and Found pieces, that has never been an issue. In the FAQ section of their Etsy page they provide detailed instructions, complete with pictures, on how to get your accurate measurements for a custom fit. For those who prefer standard sizing, you can also go with that option.




Since it is summer here in Canada, I immediately gravitated towards Hearts and Found’s new Greta Playsuit. The Greta Playsuit comes with a matching detachable high-waisted sarong wrap skirt. The skirt features a high side split and a button enclosure – and pockets!



The playsuit itself boasts a criss-cross front halter with a button enclosure. It also contains shorts and a back zipper.

I appreciate that Hearts and Found offers the option to choose which fabric I prefer. I opted for t the “Jungle Fever” Hawaiian Floral Print  as I thought it would complement the criss-cross front halter of the Greta Playsuit. To choose this option, simply go to “Custom: Choose a Fabric” to pick your desired pattern and fabric and follow the instructions.



The Greta Playsuit is easy to move around in – made of 100% cotton this vibrant fabric doesn’t provide stretch but is beautifully breathable – perfect for the summer heat!

The tropical green leaves overlay offer a stunning visual – especially when partnered with green and blue parrots, orange lilies, and purple ferns. I was excited to pair a yellow lily in my hair to complement the print’s rich hues.


My absolute favourite thing about all of my Hearts and Found pieces, including the Greta Playsuit is the quality and attention-to-detail put into each garment – especially for the incredibly fair price. The Greta Playsuit retails for $124.72 USD which is on par with other vintage reproduction brands. For the exceptional quality and customizable options, I believe it is a worthwhile investment. I know my Hearts and Found pieces will last for years, and I look forward to donning the Greta Playsuit all summer-long!




xx KirstieMyDear


Disclaimer: The Greta Playsuit was gifted to me by Hearts and Found. However, all views expressed on this blog, as well as my other social media outlets, are strictly my own. 





One thought on “Tropical Oasis in Hearts and Found’s Greta Playsuit

  1. This play suit looks stunning on you! I am now going to check out Hearts and Found. Thank you for the post my dear!


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