Tropical Oasis in Hearts and Found’s Greta Playsuit

One of the reasons I love Hearts and Found so much is because they recognize that women have varying body types – which is why they offer custom sizing to your measurements at no extra cost. As someone with unusual measurements, I often find myself between sizes.


Femme Noir with Tatyana’s Cafe Noir Dress

The Cafe Noir is one of those pieces where you just have to pause to admire the craftsmanship and special attention to detail. Featuring a champagne-hued satin-like fabric with a lace bust overlay, a gathered waist, and off-the-shoulder sleeves tied in place with the sheer black tulle that encompasses the entirety of the garb, this dress is truly like no other. 

Modcloth Fall Essentials Collection

Hi dolls!

If you’ve been following my blog since its humble beginnings, you’ll know that the first retro-inspired company I fell in love with was Modcloth, and it still has such a special place in my heart. If you aren’t familiar with my story, here is a quick recap…

“That’s Champion!” Joanie Clothing Review

Since 2015, Joanie Clothing has been bringing darling retro-inspired designs that can be worn on their own or in conjunction with modern styles. This UK born brand is inspired by the designer’s Great-Aunt Joanie, a woman who exudes femininity, glamour, and a fun-loving attitude, which is reflected in each of Joanie Clothing’s pieces. As an…

Retro Kitten with Voodoo Vixen

Hi Dolls! I hope you’ve been having a lovely start to fall. I’m so excited to share this post with you, as I’ve been a long-time admirer of Voodoo Vixen’s “Katnis dress.” This probably doesn’t surprise you since I’m drawn to anything with a cute retro-inspired cat print. I first discovered Voodoo Vixen a few…

Summer Days with Karina Dresses & Lola Von Rose

Hi Dolls! If you’ve been following my social media accounts then you are aware that we’ve been experiencing a heatwave here in Canada for quite some time. This has made it a bit difficult to plan out outfits, but at the same time it’s prompted me to delve deep into my wardrobe and be more creative…